Grobag Swaddle - Jungle Animals
Grobag Swaddle Instructions

Grobag Swaddle – Jungle Animals

​Super cute lions, zebras and hippos in a lovely dove grey design decorate this easy to use Hip-healthy Groswaddle. The special shaped pocket design ensures legs are in a hip healthy position so you don’t have to worry about over tightening. Perfect for naps or night-time and an ideal first step before moving into their first Grobag Baby Sleep Bag. With the Groswaddle your newborn baby feels cuddled and safe, a feeling that promotes a good night’s sleep for baby and mums alike!


Supersoft 100% cotton wrap
0-3 months (max weight 14lbs/6.5kg)
Suitable for over or under arm swaddling
No Velcro or ties to ensure you can’t swaddle them too tightly
Machine washable
Unique pocket creates space for hip healthy natural leg development
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Groswaddle as a “hip-healthy” product when used as directed




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